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Fireplace and Hearth Accessories-Woodstove Thermometer, Cast Iron Fireplace Grates, Smoke Guard, Fireplace Glass Doors, Hearth Rugs, Steamers, Fireplace Screens, Hearth and Wall ProtectionHearth Accessories for Fireplaces and Wood-Burning Stoves
Glass Doors, Screens, Grates, Thermometers, Rugs, & Wood Carriers

Sylva-Cashiers-Highlands-Franklin-Asheville-Black Mountain-Weaverville-Canton-Waynesville-Cherokee

Everything you need to make your wood-burning experience safe, simple, and enjoyable. Items for the fireplace, woodstove, chimney, insert, and hearth.


  • A Woodstove Thermometer will help you burn your fires hot enough to avoid building up flammable creosote in the chimney
  • Cast-Iron Fireplace Grates hold logs securely and safely
  • Choose from a selection of decorative and plain Firebacks to radiate heat into your room
  • Hearth and wall protection in a variety of materials, colors, and costs
  • If your flue's too small in relation to the fireplace opening, it's likely that the fireplace smokes back. Install a Smoke Guard (available in black or brass) to adjust the ratio.
  • Fireplace Glass Doors, Hearth Rugs, Wood Carriers, Steamers, Fireplace Screens, and much more (not shown) . Ask your technician.

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